Here We Go

Holden Dixon

Change can be a painful thing, but the truth is that many things do not happen if it does not take place. Often we are held down by things in life and it is only by giving these things up that we are able to reach our full potential. For me, my life has been a ride for the past few years. I have made important mistakes, seen myself under new pressures, and learned that breaking from the normal routine can be both healthy and life-changing. Relationships I've left behind have made me stronger. Choosing to leave my small town has opened up opportunity I would have never seen otherwise. There still is much to learn, but opening myself to change is one practice that has taken me so far. I hope that you will enjoy this new song and it insires you to take chances and be brave. It is my pleasure to share this new tune with you all! Here is my new single "Here We Go".
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  1. Here We Go